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As we enter another #uklockdown please take care of yourself and one another by continuing to look after your physical and mental health.
Oriental by Pavan Room & Fabric Fragrance. 

#Oriental brings rich #amber head notes with soft lingering #floral and #wood base notes.
Whether it's the change of season and weather, Mars being in retrograde, a busy or bad day - give yourself time. There's noting wrong with taking a moment in your day to do something for you and practice self-care.
Hello Autumn.
What's new with you? Sorry we've been quiet here, but in the background we have started design on our website. #PavanFragrance #brand #homelifestyle #newseason
Do you like the smell when it rains? 
There's a word for that: Petrichor.

#Pavan #Rain #Petrichor #Earthy #Fragrances
From our home to yours, #Pavan Room & Fabric #Fragrance. With powder top notes, and #floral heartnotes, our Cinco fragrance is light and won't be overpowering in hot weather.
Last week we shared about citrus smells with you, how sharp lemon can cut through other strong odours for a clean feel. Oceanic/ozonic fragrances are also crisp and clean. Familiar favourites that are part of this group include mountain air, sea spray, and fresh linen.
From endless Zoom meetings, studying, exercising, virtual socialising, and simply being, #lockdown meant we were all spending way more time at home than perhaps we were used to. As restrictions are easing and we start to find our 'new normal', what's a good habit that you got into during lockdown that you are going to continue?
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